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Rebekah Lea PhelpsOur Story

“I feel like I need to be in two places at once!”

How many of us have felt that way, especially in the fast paced lifestyle of the Northern Virginia area? Well, thanks to Rebekah Phelps you can actually find an Extra You!

Whether your needs are for the fundamentals of errand services, the time-saving benefits of a personal assistance waiting on a contractor, or the mind-freeing liberation that your home is being taken care of while you are away, the team in Extra You, LLC can help. Extra You’s services include errands, watching homes for absentee home owners and employee wait services.

About Rebekah

Rebekah moved to the Reston area in 2002 and began Extra You in 2005. She has 17+ years of background and professional experience in property management amongst other skills that made up her being an “extra you.”

Rebekah and her husband, George, enjoyed living in Reston for 11 years, but now reside in Charles Town, West Virginia. She has two grandchildren who live in Texas.

Extra You was born out of Rebekah’s natural desire to help people. Rebekah had always found herself serving others and realized she attained great satisfaction in helping organize aspects of others’ lives. Whether this meant going out of her way to ease someone’s schedule or simply putting them in touch with a solution provider, Rebekah’s delight has always been in making a difference in another life.

“I’ve worked with all types of people from CEO’s to seniors,” Rebekah said, “From homeless to those who have many homes, those free and behind bars, disabled and mentally or physically challenged.”

In addition to Extra You, Rebekah established another company, White House Home Inventory, to document valuable assets home owners have acquired over the years. White House Home Inventory assembles a detailed home inventory portfolio so that clients are more likely to receive the full value of their insurance coverage if a loss occurs.

When asked about her hobbies and interests, Rebekah first responds that she just loves what she does... serving others through Extra You.

Rebekah’s other interests include writing, gardening, reading, cooking, learning to draw and chalk painting and she loves sign language. She volunteered at Capital Hospice for 8 years before becoming a full time caregiver to her mother in law (with Alzheimer’s) until she was beyond the point of remaining “in home.” Rebekah is also the author of; Psalm of My Heart and I’m an Eagle not a Field Chick. Her author website is: RebekahLeaPhelps.com

Rebekah is also available to “coach” new start up’s at an hourly rate or a package of hours! She is contemplating publishing the manual she wrote years ago, “How to Start-up a Concierge Business!”


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