Meet Our Team

Extra You hires part-time employees (not contractors), who have all completed a rigorous screening process. Our due diligence includes background investigations including multi-state criminal checks, sexual offender status, and social security verification; address history, and driving records. Extra You screens its applicants carefully and does not release their personal records to clients as this is against our HR policies, however feel free to contact us with questions about the skill sets of our talented employees.

Employees must be fully insured on the vehicle they are driving, and their driving records are verified.

Extra You screens prospective employees through a 4 step process via email before ever meeting in person. We look for people who will go the extra mile, will follow through and those who make a real effort with us. We believe if prospective employees won't prioritize communication with us before or during an interview process, then they certainly won't with you after they are hired.

At one time Extra You employed individuals from the non-profit organization MVLE for annual projects such as assembling Extra You marketing packages or mailing lists. MVLE provides employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities in the state of Virginia. Extra You is happy to promote this company to ensure these special adults are presented with opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Interested in becoming an Extra You employee?

If you have diverse talents and enjoy interacting with people on a daily basis, please contact us to learn more about how to become an Extra You employee.